AETHERIAN project, Vegas City, Dragon City, Fashion Street, District X, Decentraland University, Dragon Kingdom, Decentraland Conference Center, The Battleground, Virtual Reality Shopping District, Festival Land, The Forest, Central Marketplace, The Crypto Valley, Amusement Park with Carnival Games, Shwedagon Pagoda, The Anarchist International (A-Squat), Democratic People’s Republic of Yetepey, Hacker City, E for EVERYONE, Bittrex Tomorrow, Yoga Center, Engineering Park, Star City, VARC – A District for All things Architecture, Design Quarter, Chobury – Democratic City for All, EcoGames, Anarchy, Voltaire, Hunted District, Toke Social: A resort for cannabis connoisseurs, MusicHub, SportsFan Zone (formerly Mother Russia Land), DCL China City, Decentraland Museum, Arena: a futuristic urban hotbed of creativity, Fluffy DC